Manufacturing and innovation at CEIT a.s, CEIT a.s, Piatok, 14. Jún 2019

We are delighted to announce that the Voice of Slovak business's new project, Made in Slovakia and the progressive, Innovative company CEIT a.s, based in Zilina, Slovakia are hosting a special breakfast event on June 14th 2019 at the CEIT Research & Development facility.
Learn about what CEIT have developed within industry 4.0 and how their smart factory concept works.A tour of the premises and breakfast with some exciting presentations. 
We are delighted that Jaguar Land Rover will be in attendance as will many of our is at 08:30 and the event begins at 09:00 and finishes with a networking session by 12:00.  
There are limited places at this event so to apply for a ticket please register.We look forward to seeing you. This event is open to Members of Made in Slovakia and the wider Slovak manufacturing community.

Manufacturing and innovation at CEIT a.s

Stretnutie v NEBI

Stretnutie v NEBI

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